Assessment of Giftedness: A Concise and Practical Guide (Third Edition) by Julie Lamb Milligan


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Assessment of Giftedness
174 pages
ISBN: 978-1-936411-56-6
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What tests are used to identify giftedness?

After a battery of tests has been administered to a TAG (talented and gifted) individual, how are the decisions made about their placement and the services they will receive?

Beyond standardized testing, how else can students qualify for services?


This is a guide for parents, teachers, and university students seeking to identify and/or work with the gifted. It conveys:

  • A how-was-it-done history of assessing and identifying giftedness.
  • Traditional and non-traditional measures for identifying the gifted.
  • Procedures and test instruments used for appropriate and accurate assessment.
  • Guidance for identifying giftedness among subpopulations.
  • Methods for recognizing giftedness in the primary grades.
  • The importance of interacting with classroom teachers in the assessment process.

It also provides:

  • A full listing of evaluative tests by name, descriptive information on their scope and purpose, applicable age ranges, and the publisher from whom they can be obtained.
  • Many practical classroom ideas and activities for nurturing potential giftedness.
  • An Activity Book providing templates outlining daily activities to use with students that are keyed to each chapter.


About the author:
Julie Lamb Milligan is Director of Gifted Education at Arkansas State University, having a Ph.D. in Gifted Education with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction from Kent State University. She has published numerous professional articles concerning the education of the gifted that have appeared in journals and teacher-education publications throughout the country. Augmenting this, she has a background of almost twenty years of in-classroom teaching and administration.

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