Judgment Day Must Wait: Jehovah’s Witnesses—A Sect between Idealism and Deceit by Poul Bregninge—Fourth Edition


Fear of the apocalypse that never comes! This is what holds a Jehovah’s Witness power-bound by the Watch Tower Society. Armageddon is always just a little way around the corner.

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Judgment Day Must Wait
618 pages
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Judgment Day Must Wait presents a complete history and ideology of the Watch Tower Society, the governing body of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and why it keeps a keen focus on the Day of Judgment. Ittells of multiple “days of reckoning” that pass uneventfully and how each failure of Christ to reappear in this world is re-evaluated by the Society to foretell of yet another apocalypse still to come. It is the fear of that moment of reckoning that keeps Witnesses firmly in the fold. Judgment Day is a carrot dangled before them.

Although the book’s subject is the whole of the Jehovah’s Witnesses movement, it is a comprehensive consideration of all of church history as well. It is about more than a few idealistic, overwrought Christians in late-19th-century America, who believed that Christ had [invisibly] returned to earth. It recycles the motives and arguments that were the central revelations of the very first Christians—the message that the world was near to its end—that all of mankind could be saved through conversion to Christianity—that they would ascend to a heavenly life on Judgment Day. Millions now-living would never die! It was an alluring message, first presented at a time when one of the most terrible wars the world had ever seen, indeed the first war ever to be called a World War, was raging.

This book deals with religious Fundamentalism, a belief that erects impenetrable walls around its adherents by clinging to outdated perceptions and radical ideas. Poul Bregninge dismantles the JW’s main biblical storage battery, Matthew, Chapter 24, from which the movement takes their many “signs” of the impending end. The reinterpretation of these biblical readings is a virtual bomb beneath the understanding that Witnesses find in those key Bible texts.

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