Perilous Times: An inside look at abortion before—and after—Roe v Wade by Fran Moreland Johns


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Perilous Times
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ISBN: 978-1-936411-22-1
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Perilous Times: An inside look at abortion before —and after— Roe v Wade gives a unique perspective on the days of back alley abortions — one of which the author experienced in 1956 following what would today be known as workplace rape — and includes contemporary stories that indicate those grim days are returning. It is written for lay readers, making a strong case for reproductive choice and a plea for informed dialog. Author Fran Moreland Johns’ comments on abortion rights have appeared recently in the New York Times and New Yorker magazine. Perilous Times expands on the issue through true stories of women and men whose lives have been impacted by unplanned pregnancies, and comments from leaders in the field of reproductive rights.

Fran Moreland Johns is no stranger to difficult topics, having written extensively on end-of-life issues; her last book was Dying Unafraid, a storyteller’s book about people who did just that. Johns grew up in Ashland, Virginia in the 1940s, a place and time that come alive in many of her short stories and nonfiction works. She is a graduate of Randolph-Macon Woman’s College (BA, Art,) holds an MFA in Short Fiction from the University of San Francisco and is a lifelong freelance writer. The mother of three and grandmother of five, she lives with her husband, writer/editor Bud Johns, in San Francisco where she is active in arts, literary and interfaith causes.

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