Twenty Eight-Measure Etudes by Carl Czerny with accompaniments for second piano by Paul Sheftel


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Twenty Eight-Measure Etudes
with accompaniments for second piano

46 pages
ISBN: 978-1-936411-02-3
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The soloist in the premiere performance in Vienna of Beethoven’s monumental Emperor Concerto, Carl Czerny, was a prolific composer but is today only remembered for the exercises and etudes that he composed for piano students. He studied under such masters as Muzio Clementi, Johann Nepomuk Hummel, Antonio Salieri, and Ludwig van Beethoven.

Now one does not always love Czerny studies, for they can be rather long and repetitive—and taxing. However, early in my training I came to understand the value of such study. During that early training I worked exclusively in a volume entitled 160 Eight-Measure Exercises (op. 183). This was a wise choice on the part of my mentor because these particular etudes are short and succinct—and absolutely charming and beautiful. From that collection of 160 etudes I have chosen twenty of my special favorites.

The road to developing technical skill involves a considerable amount of repetition. It can be lonely and a bit wearisome. With this in mind, I have added a second piano part for each of the twenty studies. A teacher or another student may play these on a second piano or you make use of the MIDI files that you can easily obtain.  —Paul Sheftel

Professor Sheftel is a member of the faculty of The Juilliard School. He has served on the faculties of the Mannes College of Music, The Manhattan School of Music, and Hunter College.

Paul Sheftel has performed in most of the capitols of Europe and throughout the United States. In New York City alone he has performed in most of the noted performing venues including Carnegie Hall, Alice Tully, Town, and Merkin Concert Halls.

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