Nuclear and Particle Physics in Modern Medicine (Volume Two, The Core of Newton’s Apple)


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Nuclear and Particle Physics in Modern Medicine (Volume Two, The Core of Newton’s Apple) bridges key ideas from A Bite of Newton’s Apple to develop interesting physics questions and establishes problems that the reader will learn to solve using first-year college physics and mathematics.

 It puts ideas that are taught at a fast (and shallow) pace during first-year college physics into an interesting context relating its direct application to nuclear medicine and an understanding of why and how these technologies work. The reader will see just how powerful even basic college physics is in understanding the frontiers of modern medicine.

You will explore the construction of medical-grade particle accelerators, review models of the atomic nucleus, evaluate the energy released in nuclear reactions, and measure the penetrating power of its radiation.

 Practical problems are accompanied by detailed explanations and solutions, guiding the student from basic concepts to deep insights into the nature of reality. The classroom and the medical locale become one through physics concepts, mathematical techniques, and critical thinking.


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