Personal Trainer (Volumes 1-5)

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A Keyboard Musicianship Enrichment Program

by Paul Sheftel and Phyllis Lehrer
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cover art of Paul Sheftel's and Phyllis Lehrer's Personal Trainer: A Keyboard Musicianship Enrichment Program series

Personal Trainer is a training program offering musical workouts and enrichment activities for piano students of many ages and skill levels. The overall structure consists of five books, each containing four sections dealing with specific issues. These four sections are entitled:

  • Explorations
  • Eye-So-Metrics
  • Foundations
  • Repertoire

We believe the development of technique, sight playing and analytical skills are part of an integrated approach to total musicianship; all are stepping-stones to aesthetic expression and musical understanding. We want our students to feel comfortable as they learn to hear what they see, see what they hear, and grow in their understanding of the building blocks of music. Those, simply stated, are fundamental goals of Personal Trainer.


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