Taoist Healing Gestures by Emma I. Gonikman


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Taoist Healing Gestures
173 pages
ISBN: 0-9703923-4-6
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Taoist Healing Gestures is a blend of simple practices with explanations of more complex nontraditional healing methods. The Mudras (patterns of finger placement) illustrated in this book require no knowledge at all of alternative medicine while fostering immediate self-healing. Using the experience of ancient Tao and the masters of Qi Gong, there is special focus on Chinese medical traditions throughout the book.

Emma I. Gonikman, M.D., of Minsk, Belarus, is highly qualified to prepare this work as she was educated at the Medical School at Leningrad, Russia and is now President and Scientific Director of the Center for Natural Medicine, Santana, in Minsk. She is the Chief Consultant on Nontraditional Medicine of the Ministry of Public Health for all of Belarus as well as being the Scientific Director of the Polish Association of Doctors of Alternative Medicine.

Dr. Gonikman has published sixteen other books, some of them, like this one, best-sellers. They are currently available only in Russian.

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