Nuclear and Particle Physics in Modern Medicine (Volume One, A Bite of Newton’s Apple)


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Nuclear and Particle Physics in Modern Medicine (Volume One, A Bite of Newton’s Apple) shows the interested reader how nuclear and particle physics have led to the creation of devices that image the body and go further to treat disease in a non-invasive or mostly non-invasive way. You will be shown how this is done through nuclear medicine—from the heart of the atom to the hospital laboratory—without the need for math or a prior familiarity with the subject.

You will tour the atom and its parts, make the connection to radiation and radioactivity, and meet some of the scientists whose key discoveries later led to modern nuclear medicine. You will then journey deeper into the heart of the atom and come to understand why the nucleus, and nuclear forces, play essential roles in the cosmos as well as work in the identification and treatment of disease. It ties together the underlying structure of matter and forces, relating them to familiar practices that are seen to enhance everyday human lives. The reader will understand how modern medicine incorporates basic nuclear science into life-saving practical applications.


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